Jet Ski & Personal Watercraft Accident Attorneys in Paducah

Helping Clients After Water-Related Accidents

At Katz Law, our Paducah jet ski injury attorneys are devoted to our community. For nearly 25 years, we’ve proudly represented individuals and families in their cases after accidents have left them injured or disabled and have recovered millions of dollars in damages. Part of our commitment to our community involves understanding the types of accidents more common in our area.

Because Kentucky is known for its beautiful lakes and rivers, there are more water-related accidents and injuries here than in other states. This is why our team is well-versed in water-related accident cases and can help you if you’ve been injured, particularly by a personal watercraft or by jet skis. We’ve been Paducah’s trusted law firm since 1998 and can help you next.

Why is Jet Skiing Dangerous?

Jet skiing is a popular water sport due to its affordability and its ability to travel across the water at high speeds, but as a result, jet ski riders are also exposed to risks of injuries. People who jet ski lack protection and can be thrown easily if they collide with another object or person.

While jet ski accidents are fairly common, as every sport involves injuries, there are cases where other parties can be found negligent for injuries.

Types of negligence found in jet ski accidents include:

  • Inattentive boaters: If the person in charge of the boat is distracted and not paying attention, they can be held accountable for any injuries the jet skier faces. Boaters, like motor vehicle drivers, must be focused on their surroundings so they can steer and avoid any obstacles.
  • Defectively manufactured or designed equipment: If the accident was caused by a manufactural issue, like a broken part, liability may fall to the jet ski manufacturer.
  • Impaired boaters or operators: Boating under the influence (BUI) is as serious as driving under the influence and has the same effects. Those who are intoxicated are less focused and less likely to be able to react to any obstacles or emergencies in time, and they can also collide with other boats or watercrafts. They may also be less likely to notice or respond to a jet skier in trouble.
  • Failure to comply with regulations: Water and watercraft regulations are clearly outlined to keep individuals safe. Failure to follow these rules qualifies as negligence.

Types of Watercraft

Personal watercraft includes any equipment or devices deployed for recreational use and are often known as water scooters. There are two types of personal watercraft: “sit-downs” and “stand-ups,” both of which are fairly easy to maneuver and don’t require experience or a license. It’s because of this accessibility that individuals can easily become injured in accidents.

Individuals injured in watercraft accidents most often acquire head injuries, nerve damage, facial lacerations, burns, and can even break bones or experience sprains or fractures. Individuals who are submerged in water after their accident can drown or suffer brain injury.

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