Kids walking across a crosswalk, in front of a stopped school bus

Back To School Driving Safety Tips

The back-to-school season can be crazy for many parents and students. There is a lot to get done before heading back to class, and then everyone must readjust to the school schedule and routine. While it can be a chaotic time, it’s important to keep these safety tips in mind to prevent starting the school year off with injuries.

School Zone Safety

School zones are often marked with signage, flashing lights, and even traffic guards. It’s important to use extreme caution in these areas, especially during the start or end of the school day. Most school zones require drivers to travel at a lower speed; always follow the posted speed limit. Additionally, stay alert to any children who could wander into the road. Children can act quickly and put themselves at risk by running into the road. Be prepared to stop abruptly should a child or other obstacle come into your driving path unexpectedly.

Driving Near School Buses

School buses can hold dozens of students at a time, so it’s crucial that you drive cautiously around these vehicles. Do not follow school buses too closely. If the bus comes to an unexpected stop, you may be unable to slow down in time and will collide with the back of the bus.

Additionally, when school buses stop to let off passengers, drivers on both sides of the road must stop as well. This is so students can safely disembark the bus and cross the street to get back home.

Be Mindful of Young Drivers

Students 16 years and older may be driving themselves to school this year. While it is an exciting time for students to gain that independence, it is also something all drivers should be mindful of. Young drivers are especially at risk of being involved in an accident due to their inexperience on the roads. If you are traveling near a high school, pay attention to the other drivers around you. If you have a student that is driving themselves to campus this year, remind them about the importance of road safety.

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