Road Rage Can Add Insult to Injury

Kentucky motorists usually like to get from place to place with no hassle. But drivers can’t always predict what or who they will encounter behind the wheel. In some cases, even the smallest mishap could greatly upset another motorist. Unfortunately, some drivers may have issues with road rage. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, approximately 1500 people in the U.S. have died from road rage incidents since 2008.

Deescalating a hostile situation

Depending on their circumstances, the stresses of daily life combined with traffic congestion can cause some motorists to become angry. For those who come in contact with an aggressive driver, here’s how they can reduce their risk of getting injured or killed:

  • Avoid eye contact with the aggressive driver: Looking at the aggressive driver could exacerbate tensions. In these instances, drivers may want to put distance between themselves and the confrontational motorist by reducing their speed. This can give them ample length and time to remove themselves from the situation.
  • Be apologetic: Whether it was the victim’s fault or not, an aggressive driver may believe they’re always in the right. In some cases, they may attempt to cut the victim off by trying to pass them. If they try and make eye contact with them, the victim can apologetically wave or nod their head in regret to avoid escalating tensions.
  • Let the aggressive driver pass: Anyone can be susceptible to making small mistakes on the road. Unfortunately, if the motorist causes an inconvenience for a pushy driver, they may begin to scream, swear, slam on the brakes or honk loudly. If possible, the victim may want to move a few lanes over to let the combative motorist pass. This move can allow them to acknowledge their mistakes and stay out of harm’s way.

Drivers don’t deserve to fall victim to violence

Sadly, some drivers take their anger and aggression out on others. Fortunately, by taking the proper steps, motorists can decrease their risk of falling victim to road rage.