Pronounced Vulnerability for This Personal Injury Demographic

Sharing the road in a civil manner is nothing more than a commonsense prescription for Kentucky residents and all other persons across the country logically focused on safe traffic outcomes.

Sadly, though, that recommendation is far from universally followed. For every prudent motorist duly zeroed in on avoiding road risks and promoting safety, there is seemingly another individual whose negligent behind-the-wheel behavior imperils everyone else in close proximity.

Especially pedestrians.

Walkers are immediately vulnerable – and to a marked degree – when they are anywhere near drivers who sometimes pay more attention to distractions than they do to roadway realities.

Those distractions are broad-based and well noted. There are reams of empirical data detailing tragic outcomes for pedestrians injured by the thoughtless behaviors of careless or otherwise indifferent drivers. Negligent motorists drive drunk. They text, fiddle with music controls, engage in personal grooming, play with kids and pets, and drive at dangerously high speeds.

The implications of such behaviors for individuals lacking any form of personal protection are both obvious and dire.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration prominently underscores them in relevant injury-linked statistics. NHTSA-culled data point to nearly 6,300 pedestrian deaths nationally during a recent year.

That number is of course harrowing, and it is especially tragic for this basic reason: Almost every personal injury suffered by a pedestrian in Kentucky or nationally would be flatly avoidable if drivers would simply exercise due care when behind the wheel.

Put another way: Absent third-party negligence, pedestrian injuries, and deaths would almost never occur.

The law does all it can to promote accountability and justice for victims in such cases, allowing them to pursue meaningful remedies marked by maximum compensation. A proven personal injury legal team can provide further information.

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