Residents in Kentucky and elsewhere are reliant on technology. Smartphones provide many beneficial applications, helping to make life easier for individuals and families. While these are productive and valuable devices at home and at work, one place they are not very helpful is in the vehicle. Specifically, cellphone present many dangers and risks when a driver uses it while driving.

Because texting while driving is a concerning activity, as it creates distractions that could lead to serious automobile accidents, most states across the nation bans this activity. Nonetheless, this does not mean motorist do not use their phone while driving. Physically holding a phone, typing and looking at a screen is a known distraction, as it takes one’s eyes off of the road, hand off of the wheel and mind off of the primary task of driving.

In order to combat this, some motorists have opted to use voice-to-text options; however, researchers found this to be just as dangerous. Based on a current study, researchers discovered using a voice-to-text feature on a smartphone, such as Siri, is just as dangerous as texting and driving.

Researchers focused on eye contact on the roadway when drivers were texting and when they were using the voice-to-text feature. While it was determined that both methods caused eye contact to reduce, a striking finding was that response times were impacted more when using the voice-to-text feature. This is because user are often needing to go back to correct spelling errors, causing it to actually take more time and cause a longer distraction.

What does this mean? It means that these features may be more dangerous than physically texting. Because motorists do not have a phone in hand while using these features, this gives the false promise that it is safer. This also means that some drivers are distracted driving, which could result in an automobile collision.

Distracted driving accounts for far too many accidents each year, which is why victims of an automobile collision should understand the cause of the incident. This not only helps with placing liability on a negligent driver, but it could also assist with the recovery of compensation for the injuries and damages suffered.