Getting around by foot in Kentucky isn’t uncommon. While some may be simply walking to enjoy the outdoors, other might be traveling by foot because it is their primary way of getting around. No matter the reason, location or time of day, pedestrians are often traveling near motor vehicle traffic. This means that pedestrians need to me weary of the vehicles around them; however, it also means that motorists need to be attentive of pedestrians traveling on sidewalks, crosswalks, the side of the road or in a parking lot, as a collision could be severe or even deadly.

A traffic incident in Louisville turned fatal when a vehicle struck a male in his 50’s. The crash occurred around 11:45 p.m. on Preston Highway near Gilmore Lane. Initial investigation revealed that the pedestrian was crossing the street when a vehicle struck him.

Officer reported that the driver did not stop after striking the pedestrian. When emergency crews arrived at the scene of the hit-and-run pedestrian accident, the man was pronounced dead. Investigators believe that the vehicle was gray and sustained damages to the front headlights as a result of the collision. Investigation is still ongoing at this time. Further details about the crash have not been reported at this time.

The loss of a loved one in any type of accident can be a challenging event to cope with. This can be further amplified when it was a hit-and-run incident. Surviving family members are left with many questions as they navigate this tragic accident; thus, it is important that they consider their legal options, such as a wrongful death action. Understanding one’s rights and how a civil action could be a valuable step does not need to occur when investigation is over and the hit-and-run driver is located.