The Top Risks on the Road for Motorcyclists

Motorcycle riders understand they are giving up some protection for speed and maneuverability.

But what some riders don’t realize is there are a lot of risks associated with bikes. New riders need to watch for these potential issues:

Inattentive drivers

Distracted driving continues to be an issue for all vehicles on the road. While a small bumper tap from a distracted driver may mean a trip to the repair shop for a car, it can lead to a long hospital stay for a biker.

Motorcyclists need to recognize the signs of someone more interested in their social media presence than their drive. Look for drivers who continually glance down at their laps or have only one hand visible. They may also swerve in the lane or make abrupt course corrections. Give these motorists a wide berth.

Bad road conditions

One of the leading causes of bike wipeouts is dirt roads. Oil built up by traffic that is spread when it rains, or a patch of loose gravel can mean the difference between cornering a turn and laying your bike down. Potholes that may seem insignificant to a car can de-seat a rider if they aren’t paying attention.

Taking wide turns and keeping your speed manageable can help you identify these road obstacles before it’s too late.

Ignoring the limits

Motorcycle riders need to understand their limitations. Riding a bike takes a lot more concentration and attention than driving a car. Inexperienced riders have a hard time understanding exactly what they do not know.

It’s important for new riders (or riders returning from a long hiatus) to take things slow. Start with a less powerful bike and ride within your means. Don’t overestimate your abilities and take things conservatively at first.

This helps when a situation invariably arises in which you must react without thinking.

Seeking help afterward

By understanding the possible risks on the road, you can recognize them as they arise.

Unfortunately, even the most prepared rider can be affected by careless drivers. In the event of an accident, a knowledgeable attorney can be a valuable resource for any biker.