Can a Shop Be Liable for Overcrowding?

At peak times, shopping malls can become overcrowded. Seasonal sales including Black Friday can cause huge amounts of people to frequent a specific shop. This can make it difficult for customers to move around the shopping mall safely, and this can cause injuries.

If you have been injured in a shopping mall, and you believe that the cause was overcrowding, it may be possible to hold the shopping mall or retail company liable. This is because all premises owners have the duty to do what is reasonably possible to ensure the safety of all visitors. In many cases, it would be reasonable for stores to deny entry to visitors when the store has reached full capacity.

Showing that the premises owner is liable

In order to prove that the premises owner was to blame for the accident, you must show that they failed in their duty to you and that this breach of duty directly led to the injury occurring.

For example, if the owner or manager failed in their duty to keep the premises reasonably safe by allowing overcrowding, an instance resembling a stampede might occur. If this situation leads to you falling, getting crushed, or otherwise becoming injured, you would be able to directly link the owner’s negligence with your own injuries.

The premises owner may try to defend themselves by arguing that the overcrowding was not in their control. However, all premises owners have the responsibility to put policies in place to prevent such events and avoid injuries from occurring.

If you were injured on-premises due to overcrowding, it is important to take action in order to get the damages you deserve. An attorney can provide more information on your legal options.