Does the Jones Act Apply to Me?

If you are a river worker and have become injured on the job, you will probably have suffered financially as a result. Since you were injured while carrying out your duties, you will probably feel that the financial, as well as physical, suffering is an unfair consequence of simply doing your job.

This is why there are several different legal protections in place for those who have been injured at work. The most standard and common law in place is the worker’s compensation act, but this does not always apply to those working in the maritime industry.

The Jones Act is a law that has several different provisions for the maritime industry. Part of the law is concerned with injured seamen and their rights to claim compensation for their injuries. This means that if the Jones Act applies to you, you have the right to take legal action against your employer in order to show that employer negligence was present so that you can seek the compensation that you deserve.

Proving eligibility for the Jones Act

If you have been injured as a river worker, you must find out your eligibility status. It is likely that you are eligible for compensation if you spend at least 30 percent of your working time with a ship. You should also perform duties that directly impact the functioning of the ship.

If you have been injured as a maritime worker in Kentucky, you may feel confused about how the law applies to you. This is why you should learn more about the Jones Act so that you can understand whether you can benefit.