How Can I Prove Fault Under the Jones Act?

Unfortunately, seamen and river workers are not protected under workers’ compensation if they are injured at work. This leads to many injured river workers believing that they are unable to recoup damages as a result. However, maritime workers do have the opportunity to gain financial compensation after a work-related injury in certain situations.

The Jones Act makes it possible for maritime workers to claim compensation for injuries that occurred at work. Injured maritime workers are able to actually sue their employers for negligence after an injury, and if they are successful in this, they will be able to claim back more compensation than in a typical workers’ compensation claim. However, the fault must be proven in order to be successful.

Proving that your employer was negligent

All employers have a responsibility to ensure that their workers are operating in a reasonably safe environment. If they do not fulfill their duty to keep the work environment reasonably safe and if this breach of duty leads to actual damages, the employer can be held liable under the Jones Act. It’s vital that you are able to show a clear causal link between your employer’s negligence and your injury.

What damages can I recoup?

If successful, you will be able to gain financial coverage of all medical expenses and medical bills. You may also be able to gain damages for the pain and suffering you unnecessarily endured.

If you have been injured as a river worker in Kentucky, it is important that you take action to ensure that you get the compensation that you deserve.