Drunk Driving Is a Serious Threat in Paducah

While drunk driving continues to be a serious threat nationwide, a recent study shows that drivers in Paducah may need to be extra careful to watch for drunk drivers.

An article from Insurify lists the U.S. cities with the greatest number of drivers who have been arrested for DUI. Paducah came in number one out of all the cities in the eastern United States and thirteenth overall throughout the country. 

Substantially Higher Than The National Average

According to the article, 3.57 percent of drivers in Paducah has a drunk driving offense on their record within the past 7 years. This is 126 percent higher than the national average. The study presented in the article is based primarily on self-reported information from 1.5 million people who requested an insurance quote through Insurify.

Approximately 29 people die every day in a drunk driving accident, and many more suffer catastrophic injuries. Drunk driving is against the law. Not only can people who commit this crime be charged and punished, but they can also be held accountable if they cause harm. Victims of drunk drivers have the right to pursue a personal injury claim, through which they may be able to get compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and more.