Get the Compensation You Deserve as an Injured Pedestrian

If you were hit by a car while crossing the road, it is likely that you suffered considerable injuries, even if the vehicle was traveling at a low speed. The occurrence of being hit by a car is, unfortunately, more common than many people think, and it can be a very upsetting experience for the victim.

Additionally, many drivers try to argue that the pedestrian was at fault for being hit by the car. While this can be true in a small minority of situations, the driver of the vehicle has a high duty of care, meaning that they must always be vigilant in regard to pedestrians at the scene. This is why you should take action to claim the compensation you deserve if you were hit by a driver in Kentucky.

Why is the driver likely to be at fault?

Pedestrians are the most vulnerable users of the road. Unlike cyclists, they will not be wearing a helmet, and they will not be protected in any way from the impact. Drivers are obviously aware of this. Pedestrians are often injured because of distracted driving, and in most situations, the driver could have avoided the collision through competent driving.

What types of compensation could I be entitled to?

If you needed to seek medical attention as a result of your injuries, you should be entitled to compensation for this if the driver was at fault. Additionally, you may be awarded compensation for the suffering you endured.

It is important that you take swift action to learn about making a personal injury claim in Kentucky.