5 Bicycle Safety Tips

Across the nation, people are finding alternative ways to get around. More people are riding bicycles, electric scooters, or simply walking. While this certainly saves people money and builds in a little more exercise into their routine, it can be dangerous.

American infrastructure was designed for automobiles, and adapting roads for alternate modes of transportation is not cheap. Instead, everyone on the road needs to be more vigilant, including cyclists.

5 tips to be seen on a bicycle

  • Bright clothing: Wearing bright colored or reflective clothing, especially when the light is low, could be the difference in being seen or not.
  • Eye contact: If you can make eye contact with a driver, it is more likely that they will remember you are there.
  • Signal: One of the things that makes cycling more dangerous is that the signals are different than in a car. Use the official signals of cycling to keep vehicles around you informed of your route.
  • Follow the rules: One of the threats to cyclists is road rage. When cyclists fail to follow traffic laws, drivers can become agitated and make bad decisions. This is not a situation you want to put yourself into.
  • Blind spots: Just as a driver would do, check your blind spots before changing lanes or turning. Not every vehicle on the road is as loud as your neighbor’s pickup, and you can’t rely on your sense of hearing alone.

Keeping people safe on the roads is a joint effort. If we want more of our drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians to get home safely, we all need to keep our eyes and attention on the road.