Signs of Divorce Many People Tend to Miss

Finding out that your spouse wants a divorce can be incredibly devastating. There’s no telling what they might want in the divorce or how they will proceed when it comes to things like child custody, spousal support, the family home, and many other important items.

You might be completely surprised about this request, but there might have been signs you missed in the marriage that could have prevented that surprise.

What are those signs?

One of the first things you need to look for is constantly being put down by your spouse. Put-downs are never easy to handle, especially when they come from someone who is supposed to love you for who you are. Put-downs include comments about your career, life goals, and even looking at other people right in front of you.

Does your spouse go out a lot without you? This is a telltale sign that divorce could be in your future. Going out often without the other spouse is never good for a relationship. It can put a damper on your emotional and physical health.

When there is a communication breakdown in the marriage that cannot be fixed then divorce is likely in your future. Open communication is important. You need to be able to work through fights, disagreements, and problems that arise without jumping down each other’s throats.

Making excuses to avoid going home after work is another telltale sign that divorce could be closing in on your marriage. These excuses can include staying late at work when it’s not necessary, going out with friends, running unnecessary errands, and more.

The more you know about the signs of trouble in a marriage the less likely you will be surprised if your spouse ever comes to you and asks you for a divorce. You may even surprise yourself and seek a divorce first.